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Big Data Analytics

“Big data is growing and Big data analytics are becoming complex day by day”

Enterprises is not looking solution for only  big data management or data storage  and data security, however todays enterprises need big data analytics, big data intelligence and big data thoughtful derivatives to make bigger decisions better and faster.
Big data is changing the way your employees use the data to improve customer service levels, supply chain optimization ( Demand Planning, Supply Network Planning, Production Planning), no stock out situation,  Zero break down at manufacturing locations, High productivity of ERP resources ( machines, manpower, tools , drawings etc.)
Big data is already transforming the social networks. Social researcher already developed the algorithm to identify customer behavior, reaction and sentiment towards your new launch product or on your existing products.

Whether you use Big Data or abuse Big Data?

BizTech2go helps you to use Big Data more effectively and efficiently in some of the following areas:

Supply chain optimization:

Big Data Analytics provides visibility and control to Demand planners, Production Planners and Buyers, Shippers real time data for better forecast, more production, Competitive procurement, and reduction in shipping cost. Big Data Analytics integrates the supply chain and provide quick reports by using structured and unstructured data. Companies are integrating their structured data and unstructured data from different web-sources to optimize their supply chain processes.

Contact us to learn more about this solution, BizTech2go optimize your supply chain by using BIG Data Analytics

Improve Customer insights:

Big Data Analytics significantly improves the way you interact with your customer by knowing their hobbies, likings, behavior, sentiments, spending pattern. You offer better price and targeted campaigns to your loyal customers. Big Data helps companies to leverage advanced analytics to obtain a rich and consolidated view of their customers, enabling them to determine the next best action to optimize customer interaction. Details of call logs provide lot of information to bring more revenue to your organization.

Preventing Frauds:

Use of Big data Analytics reduces Insurance frauds, Payment frauds and identity theft frauds. Insurance companies are using Big Data from different sources to quickly evaluate the insurance claims and saving lot of money by catching fraud cases. Banks are evaluating each and every transaction before it gets processed to stop the fraud payment.

Is Big Data a problem or opportunity?

Data is growing exponentially every year. Every day structured and unstructured data is generated by millions of sources (web-sources, mobile phone, social media websites, and smart devices). This Big data has challenges and complexities in data mining, data warehousing and data analytics.

Contact us to Learn more, how we can help you in converting your Big Data problem into Big opportunity.