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IT Training

Enroll for Training and Roll for career advancement

BizTech2go proudly provides the following IT Training Services which leads to employment and accelerated career growth

Training Services:

1) AI- ML – Data Science Training, SAP TrainingSoftware/QA Testing Training and Big Data Training

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

  • We provide world class online training and class room training by utilizing the high end technology resources and subject matter experts.
  • Our training instructors always use innovative ways to deliver IT training specific to your business needs and individual.
  • We have large pool of certified instructors in our team which are consistently rated above the industry standard.
  • You can get to hear and view the real time implementation experience during the outstanding sessions.
  • We tailor and customize our Software training topics/courses based on skill gap matrix assessment.
  • Our world class software training material/Courses helps you to learn the subject effectively and quickly.
  • We encourage the training programs in a collaborative fashion. We divide the participants into a smaller groups or teams and conduct team activities.
  • All the real time training sessions are lively recorded for reusing and reviewing.
    Our Software Training Portfolio includes training in all module of SAP ( Functional and Technical ), Software Testing Tools ( HP QC, QTP, SAP TAO, Selenium, Manual Testing and Mobile phone application Testing) and BI Training.

2) Resume preparation Service:

“It’s not about what you know , it’s about what you articulate and how you represent” – BizTechian

  • Biztech2go helps you in writing professional technical resume which impress the employers immediately and differentiate you from the others. The benefit of our resume prep service is that we know exactly what to include, what not to include, and what kind of an angle to use in your resume. We know how to ensure that your resume will stand out from your competition – to give you the greatest possible chance of getting the job you want.
  • We are experts in writing the resume for students , fresh graduates with 99% satisfaction rate.
  • have commitment, dedication and decades of technical experience to get you interviews.
  • Our experts writes your resume specific to the job by inserting specific technical keywords what employers are looking for. The resume has to grab the reader’s attention. Think of it this way – when you go shopping, chances are, you make a purchase because you have seen the product advertised and it is appealing to you. This is the way your resume should be presented, as an advertisement that highlights your relevant skills, accomplishments, and answers the employer’s questions.

3) Mock interviews Service:

“Practice and perseverance are great assets in a character, and obstacles vanish into air” – BizTechian.

  • Practice with a professional and getting genuine feedback and review on your performance in a mock interview is similar to working with a sports coach to learn how to improve your game. Both will enable you to learn where your strengths lie and where you may need work to improve your performance. Time spent practicing will assist you greatly in either situation. An added bonus to preparing and practicing is the self-confidence you will gain. In today’s competitive IT world you have to practice more and more mock interviews and stays ahead from your competitors.
  • Biztech2go subject matter experts conducts Mock interviews for you to practice your interview skills with a peer who can offer up constructive criticism and/or praise based off of your interviewing skills.
  • we simulate actual interview conditions ( telephonic interview/ in personal interview/Skype interview) in order to provide a more comfortable realtime interview experience.
  • we help you with the interview process: develop confidence and enhance your skills by providing genuine feedback.
  • We record all mock interviews to review and for self assessment.
  • Our Mock interviews prepare you for “tricky” interview questions and relieves tension.

4) Marketing and Job Placement Service:

“Get a job you dream and love, and you will never ever have problem in work life balance ” – BizTechian

  • People call us Fast and Furious in the recruiting world of IT professionals who don’t sell staffing but promote the skills and talent.
  • Our team has very strong recruitment and negotiation skills and place you on project with no time.
  • Our strong long term relations with our clients opens lot of opportunities for your career.
  • Our Marketing and Staffing team works with fortune 1000 companies to fulfill their Staffing needs.
  • Our Marketing team continuously worked with you to update your resume with buzzword based on specific requirement and provide you daily updates on your resume submission and follow ups.
  • We are determined, persistent and took Personal ownership for all our service related to placement.

5) Project Support:

“Fast and Furious support team is the only one that rescue the project and one call away” – BizTechian

  • We understand for fresher or beginner how hard is the first day or week on any IT project or at client location, So we started Project support office which has full of experienced professionals to guide you on your day to day technical challenges and issues. These technical experts are also available on call for 24/7 support. This service makes you more comfortable on your new roles and responsibilities.
  • This service eliminates and reduce your fears about kick you out from the project and feel you more secures on your new career path.
  • You can call our project support office anytime and get dedicated consulting for your project to propose best solutions and best practice in the technology.

Please fill up the training enrollment form to learn more and get in touch with us.