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SAP and QA Training Enrollment

BizTech2go Delivering Software Training with Excellence

Based on past experience we find that there is not a one single approach to deliver IT Training( SAP Training and QA/Software Testing Training). In Today’s fast pacing world, Employees are working on different locations, Sales guys are always on the go, new hires have different Training needs, and existing IT power users focus is different, Freshers requires more attention and fundamental concepts. In order to overcome all these pitfalls, Biztech2go customized their training solutions and methods based on individual needs.

SAP and QA Training Enrollment Process:

“Beginning is half done”

Counseling (Free/No Fee):

  • Please fill up the form below or call us at 9498789369 / email us at training@biztech2go.com to get in touch with Counselor or for counselor assignment.
  • Counselor will answers all your basic questions about training course and schedule and help you in deciding the best course for you career path.
  • Counselor will schedule call or in person appointment with Instructor to check your existing skills, experience and resume to find the best fit course.


We have $100 registration fee which we adjust against the total fee for the course. We use this fee to set up your log-in credentials for different software systems before you start any course. if you will not join the course within 3 months from the registration date,then this fee will not be adjusted or refunded.

Tuition Fee:

Please call us to check the Tuition Fee for various courses.

check your eligibility for Zero Tuition Fee Program (only for students who are on OPT/CPT and other conditions applied).

Training Methods:

BizTech2go brings lot of innovation in their training classes and uses some of the following Training modes to deliver high quality training class based on your needs and business requirement:

1) Onsite Training class or Classroom Training class:

BizTech2go IT Instructor will Travel to your location or at third party location to conduct the required IT training. This is suitable for large number of audience to cut the down the travel expense. We use blackboard/Whiteboard, overhead projector, Videos, Power point presentations, CDs, Storytelling. It is personal and face to face type of training and ensures everybody grabs special attention from the instructor.

Note : We also have our onsite classroom training location situated at 2082 Business center drive, Suite 250, Irvine, CA, 92612. Call us at 9498789369 or email at training@biztech2go.com for latest high demanded SAP & QA training enrollment schedule.

2) Online Remote Training:

We use the best of world technology to deliver High quality IT Training. Our IT instructor will share the desktop remotely and provide the virtual training. We use Web-based training, Audio and Videoconferencing technique to make this training as effective as class room training

) Classroom Training:

We provide in-classroom training at our USA Head quarter office location located at 2082 Business center drive, Suite 250, Irvine, CA, 92612. Call us at 9498789369 or email us at training@biztech2go.com for latest training schedule.

4) Self-paced learning Training ( coming soon):

We will provide access to our learning2go portal and unlock unlimited opportunity for learning as you go.
We use every best resource to make you expert such as Power point presentations, videos, white papers etc to deliver high quality IT Training.

Connect with us and we will make sure you receive best training method based on your requirement

Get Started by submitting the following SAP and QA Training enrollment form to learn high demanded courses from experts: