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Selenium – Automation Testing Tool Training

BizTech2go Provides professional training for Selenium Tool to excel your career growth:

Please see below the course content:

Automation Testing

  • What is automation testing
  • When to go for automation
  • Automation Life cycle /Process flow
  • Different Automation Tools (vendor & open source tools)
  • Advantages of Automation
  • Criteria for Automation
  • Difference between Manual Testing &Automation Testing process

Introduction to selenium

  • What is selenium tool
  • Use of selenium tool in automation
  • Features of selenium tool
  • Differences between selenium and other Tools
  • When to use Selenium IDE & Limitation of IDE
  • How to put validations (assert,verify)

Selenium Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Web Driver 3
  • Selenium Grid

Configuration of Selenium IDE & Dev.Scripts

  • Recording the scripts in IDE
  • Understanding of the objects identification (id,name)
  • Difference between Test case and test suit
  • Language supported while recording
  • Synchronization in selenium IDE(Waitcommands)
  • How to read text/values from webpage (store commands)

Configuring Eclipse IDE for java Selenium

  • How to create new java project
  • How to create a new java class
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program

Learning java

Introduction to java programming

  • OOPS concepts
  • Classes & Objects
  • Variables, data types, operators & expressions
  • Conditional Statement
  • Loops
  • String Handling
  • Packages
  • Abstract classes & Interfaces
  • Exception Handling
  • Collections

Web Driver & Web Elements

  • Introduction to Web Driver
  • Comparison of selenium RC&WebDriver
  • Configure Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries)
  • Using Firefox Driver Chrome & IE
  • Browser Commands
  • Web Driver Interaction Commands
  • Web Driver Supported Locator names
  • Id,Name,linktext,partiallinktext
  • Tagname,Xpath,css,classname
  • Understanding and writing Xpath, types of Xpaths
  • Working with Different Elements and programming
  • Editboxes,checkbox,Radiobuttons
  • Buttons,Links
  • Selecting values from a Dropdown list
  • Understanding xpath to locate elements in web page
  • Working with table elements
  • How to recognize duplicate elements
  • How to recognize dynamically changing elements
  • Using Regular expressions
  • Configure IE browser & Chrome browser
  • Running scripts on different browsers
  • Reading Data from Table
  • Using Actions class
  • Handling keyboard, mouse events

Data Driven Testing

  • What is Data Driven Testing
  • How to parameterize the data to the script using excel
  • Reading, Writing data into Excel
  • How to parameterize data to the script using Flat files

Debug Scripts in Eclipse

  • Understanding Debug
  • Using Breakpoints
  • Verify the values during debug
  • Using step over ,step into

JUnit & TestNG

  • How to add JUnit library and adding it to project
  • JUnit assertions & JUnit Annotations
  • How to add TestNG library and adding it to project
  • TestNG assertions & TestNG Annotations
  • Understanding TestNG.xml and executing scripts
  • TestNG reports

Selenium Grid

  • Introduction
  • Remote Web Driver
  • Configuring hub
  • Configuring node
  • Run selenium Web Driver scripts in parallel selenium Grid

Introduction to Automation Frame work

  • What is Framework & Frame work types
  • Functional Decomposition
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Use of Framework
  • How Develop The Framework
  • Integration of the Framework
  • How execute the scripts from Frame work

Page Object Model Framework

  • Introduction to page object model
  • Advantages of page object model
  • Writing scripts Using page Object Model
  • Creating Repository class, Using properties file
  • Execution of scripts Using page Object Model
  • Installing maven in Local Machine
  • Creating Maven project
  • Importing Maven project in Eclipse
  • Understanding of POM .xml
  • Maven Integration with TestNG
  • Executing Scripts Using Maven build tool
  • Advantages Maven Tool


  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Version Control and Introduction to GitHub
  • Installing Jenkins with selenium
  • Setting up a continuous integration and a continuous deployment environment
  • Creating jobs in Jenkins tool
  • Scheduling jobs for timely execution
  • Integration with selenium scripts and running scripts
  • Configure mail notification in Jenkins

Mobile Apps Testing Using Appium Introduction

  • Introduction to Mobile automation testing
  • Importance of Mobile Automation
  • Various tools available for Mobile automation testing
  • Introduction to Appium tool installation & setup
  • Mobile script development and Execution using Android device