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Software QA Testing Career

Software Testing Career Growth

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What is the career growth pathway for software QA Testing Professional ?

Software QA Testing Career Path :

Every Software company wants to make high quality software product and spend million of dollars in software testing so software testing professionals are always in demand. The objective of software testing can be a better user experience, bug or defect free application, performance of software etc.

Software or QA Tester makes sure the software product meets the technical and functional requirement and provides confirmation that software is bug free.

Roles and Responsibilities for Software QA Testing career pathway:

In the initial years of software testing career you start with entry level Tester. The responsibilities includes performing test execution and acquiring testing skills to ensure systems meet performance standards required by the business and end-user.

After working 2-3 yrs as tester then you become Test Analyst or Specialist and often involve assisting senior-level testers in creating test strategies and plans; developing detailed test conditions, cases and scripts; mapping requirements; and assisting in test execution. As test specialists you often required to document test results, defects and issues, and help with developing solutions.

To progress on you software testing career path with 4-6 yrs , you become Senior Test Analyst and work on more complex scenarios, become involved in requirements analysis and test case design as well as execution. As a Senior Test Analyst you’ll start taking responsibility for junior staff and mentor/guide them as and when required.

With further progression and having more than 7- 12 yrs of exp you become Testing Lead or Manager, you gain responsibility for managing team and strategy, aligning test projects with business objectives.

After 12- 16 yrs, you become the QA Senior Manager and provide long term testing strategy and implement the same across organization.

In whole software testing career you perform unit testing, integration testing, system testing, acceptance testing, functional testing, non functional, regression testing, performance testing, security testing,  mobile app testing,  cloud based testing etc

Salary Range :

Yrs of Exp Title Salary Range
0- 3 Software Tester 55K to 65K
2-5 Test Analyst or Test Specialist 65K to 80K
5- 7 Senior Test Analyst 75 K to 90 K
7- 12 Test Lead or Test Manager 90 K to 120 K
12-20 yrs Senior Test Manager 110K to 140K


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